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Jack Dowling, CPP, PSP, Security SpecialistJD Security Consultants, LLC, located in Pennsylvania, United States, is dedicated to providing objective, quality, and cost-effective expert security analysis to commercial, corporate, educational, institutional, industrial, governmental, and legal establishments. By performing customized physical security surveys and security risk assessments, as well as serving as unbiased security litigation experts and legal witnesses, and by offering consulting services that are Board Certified in Security Management and Physical Security, at JD Security Consultants, LLC, the main goal is to establish adequate security plans that protect the employees, customers, campuses, and assets of any organization. JD Security Consultants, LLC, recommends cost beneficial and practical security solutions to reduce security risks that could cause significant losses and/or liabilities by conducting a comprehensive review and audit of your security program.

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Certified Protection Professional (CPP™) Physical Security Professional (PSP™)