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Do you have a reliable security program for your corporate expansion or business relocation?

How to secure your site premises through risk and crime analysis assessmentsWhen you are expanding or moving your organization, security planning is critical to your success. Many project managers forget this crucial element and miss important, often cost saving measures that should be implemented before, during and after your space addition or move to a new location. Our security professionals can help you locate and measure crime risk data, determine security force staffing, develop physical security and technology security strategies, as well as steps to keep your people safe and secure.


Physical barriers such as fences, gates, doors, windows, locks
Access control systems
Vehicle and pedestrian control devices
CCTV systems
Intrusion alarm systems
Intercom systems
Emergency phones
Lighting quality and level of illumination

Consider the questions below, and call the professionals at JD Security Consultants at 610.269.8086 to develop your security expansion or relocation plan:

Physical Security
What should you check when researching or inspecting the physical space?
Is the exterior of the building adequately illuminated?
Are doors strong, formidable and equipped with secure locking devices?
Are windows adequately secured?
Is access control of tenants, visitors and vendors provided?
Does the building have a key control system?

Tenant Protection
Do you have a security awareness program for tenants?
Provide physical perimeter security and adequate lighting?
Limit access points for vehicles and persons?
Have panic buttons, emergency phones and CCTV?
Patrol the interior and exterior of your property?

Download our Expansion and Relocation Security Questionnaire to begin your security planning early.

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